Thursday, October 8, 2009



all my frenz on that day...the speaking test on da same day...

after speaking test, da giler2 tyme...huhu

aina,ya,me,fera,kak aini n hamisah...

after speaking test...appy jer...=)

with ya,kak aini n fera..

u know what is MUET?
MUET stand for Malaysian University English Test is a test of English language proficiency, largely for university admissions. The test is set and run by the Malaysian Examinations Council. Most candidates who sit for MUET do so to apply for admissions in public universities and colleges...
orait,act, i want to share with my luvly frenz n also the silence readers on that speaking test...on 7 october, i need 2 wke up early in the morning for speaking test n ada kt sana dalam pukul 7.30 a.m...thanks to my frenz because u make me wake up earlier...huhu...smpi jer kat sek men keb intan zaharah,ikut je instruction nak ke bilik level 3,huhhhh,so tireddd...dah lame x naik tangga...ingat dulu2 tyme skolah...huhu...smpi jer kt tmpt yang ditujui,firstly, ktorg kena sign attendance...bile aku tau yg aku ni as CANDIDATE A,makin laju lar jantung aku berdeguppp...huhuhu...dup dap dup dapp...tapi yang hepinye, si fera, acik n budak part 5 course DIA adalah aku punyer candidates...lagi lah gembira sebabnye ktorg penah jadi group sekali...aku bersyukur sgt2...sampai jer turn ktorg, masuk jer bilik exam,i take my place n tetibe jer nervous, aku byk2 berdoa jelah... for the next session on 7 november 2009 for writing,listening n reading sessions....god willing..amin..=)
*sorry,my english is broken*-huhu-

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